The International Coach Federation - ICF - defines coaching as a partnership with customers who, through a creative process, stimulate reflection, inspiring them to maximize their personal and professional potential. With the involvement of the coach, customers can learn and develop techniques and action strategies that will help them to improve both performance and quality of life.



Simply said, coaching is "Getting the best out of yourself ".


Coaching is a powerful motivational lever.  It builds the condition to generate results and change.  It has been realized that extrinsic motivation (material rewards, cash incentives, production awards ...) is no longer enough. Today, people are driven by the success of intrinsic motivation, that is, by the profound human need to direct their lives, to learn and to create new things with autonomy, mastery and sense of purpose (Daniel Pink). Coaching consolidates precisely these motivations, levers, and aspirations.


As a coach, I am a partner who supports people in personal and professional development. Through a process of dialogic exploration I accompany the clients towards new awareness of themselves and the world around them; I support the customer to assume the responsibility of implementing new behaviors that bring them closer to their desired goal, and to reach it.


I help my clients identify better goals and difficulties to deal with, allowing them to look further or even just in new directions and contexts.

I accompany people to transform themselves and reformulate their way of being, thinking and acting. This is through a process of discovery, not of teaching. I am a coach who challenges and supports the client to achieve high performance levels while at the same time making the best of themself.

With my coachee (coaching customer), I establish a trusted partnership; the focus becomes future possibilities, starting from the present, to create powerful beliefs that support an evolution that starts from within.



What are the possible coaching goals?

• accept change, promote innovation

• develop a new effective leadership culture

• develop effectiveness in multi-cultural relationships

• identify new markets and attract new business

• improve productivity, reduce turnover and attract the best resources in the market

• develop the resources and the team

• develop teamwork based on shared and accepted rules

• align each unit's objectives with the business mission and develop the company to be innovative and profit-oriented

• define a new personal or professional goal

• improve communication skills between people and teams

• guide your life towards your key values

• achieve balance between work life and private life


What benefits are expected from coaching?


The coaching activity I do supports clients to develop their interpersonal effectiveness in mono and multi-cultural contexts, in developing decision-making ability, and in focusing on acceptance of change as an opportunity.  I accompany people and teams through a discovery process of self-awareness, self-confidence, responsibility, and inner strength; I help them to develop new personal skills, and create a transformation in their personal dynamics to become masters of their own work and personal life.  Working with a coach leads to improving the client’s ability to handle emotions and actions (emotional intelligence) in order to refind greater commitment and satisfaction. This promotes increased productivity, quality and achievement of goals.


Which approach do I use?


My coaching approach is Transformational-Holistic, with a specialization in Team & Group Cocahing, System Coaching, Core Coaching, Voice Dialogue Coaching, and the Individual Effectiveness model: an assessment and development of Emotional Intelligence.


Team & Group Coaching

Team Coaching is a specific coaching methodology that assistes the leader and his team towards better group management, targeting members and co-operation, and team development towards excellence. Group Coaching is working with groups of people who have common interests but do not necessarily have the same goals. As a Team and Group Coach I work with my clients in creating an active learning environment, I train them by focusing on their way of working together, towards a style of relationship and action they themselves define and deserve.


Systematic coaching

Everyone has experienced business dynamics of bad behavior, dysfunctional teams, stagnant situations, repeating patterns, conflicts and difficulties in occupying their role. Systemic coaching creates a three-dimensional space (a living map) that shows reality for what it is, leading to invisible dynamic light. Systemic coaching is, in my opinion, a powerful and very immediate tool that allows you to illuminate the dynamics and the relationships between people and business roles, their work context, challenges and problems.


Voice Dialogue Coaching

Voice Dialogue is a powerful methodology created by psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone. I am used to integrating coaching sessions with this approach. This leads to the client expanding personal awareness and highlighting limiting, often hidden, patterns and internal resources that, if recognized and integrated, are capable of decisively enhancing the person's effectiveness and quality of life.



Emotional Intelligence

From a neurological point of view our primordial instincts are the same as our ancestors: our emotions guide our behaviors.

I am a Qualified Professional on Measurement and Development of Emotional Intelligence ("Individual Effectiveness", "Team Assessment" and "360"). With this tool, I help my clients increase their ability to manage themselves and their relationship with others through greater knowledge of their emotions and the dynamics that make them powerful or limited.


If required for large, national and international coach projects, I am able to involve additional coaches that are experienced professionals, who are continuously committed to professional and personal development.


I adhere to the International Coach Federation Ethics Code.


Specializations: I coach executives, senior managers, middle managers, maternity managers, teams, SME entrepreneurs and professionals mainly in executive areas, leadership, retail dynamics, change management and career development; Emotional Intelligence development.